Historical Preservation and Renovation

Renovation and Preservation of Historical Sites

The forefront of UofBA, Inc., Non-profit, is our founder Mr. M. Kameron Hawkins, is driven by the commitment to Historical Preservation and Renovation.

UofBA’s perspective is evident to all, as we assist businesses in achieving their goals and objectives. For some businesses, this may involve staffing, exposure, or fundraising throughout Nevada.

We provide exposure through website development programs, press release training, and our Media Family.

Fundraising opportunities via Golf Classics – Tournaments and many other types of community events.

Historical Preservation and Renovation involves acknowledging the need to modify or add to a historic property while preserving its historical character. Restoration involves presenting a property at a specific period in its history while removing evidence of other eras.

If you are seeking additional staff, volunteers, printing services, marketing assistance, advertising for your foundation, or funds for a project, contacting UofBA is a great starting point.

We understand that sometimes you may only require property maintenance, and many of our services are available at no cost. Let us know your needs, as we have excellent teams/crews throughout Nevada. (The call is free…)

Feel free to contact us to schedule a phone call meeting and discuss your goals and objectives at 775.583.8176 (call or text). Thank you.

Guide to Listing Your Property

Learn how to list your property with the National Register of Historic Places by visiting the provided link. Click Here

National Register Database Search

To find a property using the National Register Database Search, click the provided link. Click Here