University of Business Ambassadors

University of Business Ambassadors – is a lifestyle website for one to enhance their Applied Knowledge on every expanding field of insightfulness…

Topics run from Self Based Media to Supporting Small Business Development…

Our platform is designed to assist and support you with your Goals and Objectives in enhancing you and your business(es)…

Our name University – an institution or foundation to seek out learning that will enhance oneself from those who have such Applied Knowledge on a Professional level of Authority.

Business Рa usually commercial or mercantile activity engaged in as a means of livelihood. Mr. Hawkins understands that the more business owners there are, the more economic development and basic advancements overall for mankind.

Ambassadors – a well-trained and developed individual offering a service(s) and/or good(s) by a reliable business as its official representative to assist you and your business(es).

From the 1980’s through the 1990’s Mr. Hawkins developed and founded to worlds most recognizable business leadership association with one chapter in every town and/or city in America. He’s goal wasn’t to become the largest, just the most respected and reliable source of Business Contacts/Ambassadors that could provide what a business professional and/or owner was seeking.

Mr. Hawkins developed three types of basic 101 business models that when come together, where unstoppable for success.

  1. Weekly or Monthly meetings with other professionals not forced to provide leads or referrals, but yet only one type of business could be representative by discipline. (Nothing Know, but the manner that it was developed was… very new at the time.)
  2. Every member received a website, business cards and opportunity to develop their own group meetings.
  3. Every member received a press release at no cost in one of his local monthly publications.

Still to this day not all three key steps are being used by any association, from the way Mr. M. Kameron Hawkins point of view would be understood. Mr. Hawkins first tested this concept back in the 1970’s. (With the JC’s, JA and other associations)