Networking Associations

Networking is very misunderstood… by most business professionals.

Networking is on a basic level, simply means people meeting with other people. They have never met before or enjoy meeting with again from time-to-time.

Do keep in mind, 100% of the information you read and review below dates back to 1987 – 2002 and must of this Applied Knowledge was founded and mastered by Mr. Hawkins. Year before he showed others.

Business professionals visit other Networking Socials that are held from time-to-time. Mainly to find leads for their business.

Networking events for example:

Social: Someone ask others to network or meetup. (Open to the public or Closed to the public)

Association: Members are requested to meet on a business level or social level. (Open to the public or Closed to the public)

Leads Club: Members are expected to meet at all listed event dates. (Members only, with prospects from time-to-time.

Throughout the Mid 80’s until the early 20’s Mr. M. Kameron Hawkins our founder was know as the founder of the largest Networking Associations around the World.


The University of Business Ambassadors LLC, which operates several networking groups and related websites, was ranked No. 1 in the Networking Associations list published today by the Phoenix Business Journal.

The list was ranked by number of local members. The Business Ambassadors sites, headed by M. Kameron Hawkins and focusing on golf, wine and cigar enthusiasts, had 140,000 members. (Read more)

What made Mr. Hawkins networking successful, are the skills he trained other Associations , Leads Club and Startup Networking Groups.

Step 1. Advertise your member to the public. (Since Mr. Hawkins had developed his own Newspapers, Magazines, Website Directories, Information Referral Services and Radio Show along with Golf Events & Trade shows. He could cover a business professional with what Mr. Hawkins called “Ongoing Exposure”.

Sept 2. Refer your member to other people and future members.

Sept 3. Show your member how to become a Master Networker. (One on-one development is the key)

Step 4. Member should show steps 1, 2, 3 to a new member as a University of Business Ambassadors Mentor.

Mr. Hawkins always said. I didn’t think this up. It’s in a book I started reading years ago. You may have read it yourself. Teach a man how to fish, something like that. He would then smile and walk away.