Nevada Firearms Club

Nevada Firearms Club

Mission Statement

Nevada Firearms Club and our Nevada Firearms Magazine along with Nevada Firearm Events primary focus is based on our founder’s understanding of firearm ownership and the responsibilities that are expected from all people that handle and/or own a firearm.

“You can not take back a round after shot… It one thing to hit the mark, it’s another thing to know where the round stopped!” M. Kameron Hawkins (Summer of 1969)

Nevada Firearms Club members are firearm owners how seek self development and community leadership by example. Along with morals and ethics as a responsible person in society.

We started the development of our community Statewide Nevada Association in 2018…

Our membership has reached some 120,000+ in Nevada as of 2023.

Reminder – Mentor

If you’re a firearm owner that gained from passed down mentorship on how to be responsible with firearm(s) you have mastered. That’s outstanding…

Most of our population didn’t receive this style of leadership, if any leadership at all when related to firearm ownership. Over 80% of gun owners since the 1970’s have not gained from passed down firearm mentorship and/or have every handled a gun before the age of 30 yrs old.

“It has always been our responsibility to pass on firearm mentorship to a firearm ownership lifestyle.” M. Kameron Hawkins

Annual Nevada Firearms Club Membership includes our Nevada Firearms Magazine mailed to you every quarter. Visit and/or to find out more anytime.