Positive Gossip

A lot of positive gossip is a good thing…

When it comes to “Word of Mouth” marketing/advertising we want the right words being said…

Example: You are at a meeting doing some Networking… You are now meeting people and maybe receiving business cards and handing out a few of you own. By the next day you are following up with everyone you met and shook hands with.

Reminder: The 24-hour rule in business states that within a day, approximately 80% of individuals whom you have newly met will have some memory of you. Out of this number, only half may be able to recall your profession or field of expertise, assuming you have shared it with them. As time progresses to 48 hours, the percentage decreases to a mere 30% who will still remember you. By the time 72 hours have passed, only those individuals who are potentially interested in collaborating with you or learning more about the services you offer will still have you in their minds.

So, contact your new contacts ASAP… always…

  • Send a text – If you had mentioned that you will send a text to the contact, it is acceptable, otherwise, refrain from doing so.
  • Send an email – Is perfectly acceptable and a pleasant method of maintaining communication. It serves as an effective means of providing information to the intended recipient.
  • Call to say it was nice meeting you.  Then take it from that point. Set up a meeting or plan to meet at a next upcoming event.

Word of mouth marketing/advertising only works… when others are saying the right things about you and your skills and or services or goods…

“The bottomline is people talk… by binging positive and living a life of service overself you many find the pursuit of happiness is not that difficult to achieve…” Mr. M. Kameron Hawkins

To foster an abundance of favorable chatter, it is imperative to clearly communicate your actions. Below, you will find several fundamental resources to add to your business arsenal.

  • First and foremost, give a radiant smile when engaging with individuals eager to learn about your identity. (This applies to both genders)
  • Ensure that your business cards contain essential information. This includes your name, as well as a concise description of the services your business offers. Additionally, provide the preferred means of contact. Remember, simplicity is key. Utilize both sides of the card for the aforementioned details.
  • To sustain and amplify a plethora of positive rumors, distribute flyers. This approach serves as an effective method for bolstering your objectives and forging local relationships.

Within a delightful community, characterized by familiar faces and occasional encounters, lies the illustrious Annual Community Event, a momentous occasion of great importance.

Being the Founder & Chairman, I choose to host a number of annual community events in whichever location I resided. This strategy allows me to connect with the community and foster relationships with individuals who share my interests and ideas. As a Cigar Patròn/ Cigar Owner, I have established a distinct lines of private cigars.

Consequently, when I organizes our annual gun shows and craft shows, you can readily locate me in the designated area for the cigar lounge.

The Annual Rummage Sale, a cherished community event, is hosted by Smith Valley Hall in the greater areas of Smith Valley, NV and Wellington, NV.

Take a moment to glance at their Flyer below showcasing the Hall itself and captivating images of both the exterior and interior. The prominent image of the Hall, visible from State Route 208, is a familiar sight to the locals who have laid eyes on this building countless times. Meanwhile, the interior image vividly showcases the exquisite wood flooring and walls, highlighting the sheer elegance of the space.

Let us now embark on a journey into the details of this flyer. The Smith Valley Hall Flyer, an annual occasion orchestrated by the Hall, serves as a manifestation of the vitality injected into this quaint town. Through excitable individuals informing others throughout the community, this flyer has gained considerable positive gossip. Be assured, within the Smith Valley Hall Flyer lies an abundance of information catering to every conceivable need.

Rest assured, we will provide you with updates as we maybe assisting the Smith Valley Hall with a much needed website to enhance their overall goals and objectives.

Concluding Remark:

Positive gossip refers to the act of spreading information that can be advantageous to an individual or elicit a positive perception of them. It involves sharing in people’s triumphs and celebrating their accomplishments both in their presence and with others. – Mr. M. Kameron Hawkins